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The Synergy Alliance

1:1 Work

...jointly working towards a common goal

Individual Coaching will give you:

  • The opportunity to explore your issue (s) and take responsibility for your learning
  • The gaining of new awareness of your patterns of behavior and thinking and the usefulness of these patterns
  • The exploration of even more effective ways to achieve your outcomes

Your coach will

  • Listen acutely to what you do say and what you don’t say
  • Give you absolutely honest feedback;
  • Challenge you constructively when we believe your outcomes may not be met by your current course of action;
  • Use appropriate tools/techniques to raise your awareness of yourself and others, in pursuit of your goals;
  • Support you through ups and downs;
  • Celebrate your accomplishments.


Coaching Supervision with one of our coaching supervisors will:

  • Give you a place to explore your coaching from many different perspectives and using the Seven-eyed process model we’ll attend to:
    • The client
    • The client system
    • The relationship between the coach and the client
    • The coach
    • The parallel process
    • The supervisor self-reflection
    • The wider context in which the coaching taking place
  • Be part of your continuous professional development
  • Help you to develop your internal supervisor and become a better internal practitioner
  • Help you be honest and courageous, attending to what you are not seeing, hearing, allowing yourself to feel or not saying
  • Look at where and how the coach may need to refer the client on for other specialized support.


Hypnotherapy gives you an approach that works directly with the sub-conscious mind so that you can make changes at the source. Whilst this may not be seen as a mainstream development approach, we have worked with many people whose fears and phobias have been resolved. Hypnotherapy gives you:

  • the control to make the changes in safety and comfort
  • the opportunity to feel relaxed physically whilst making changes on the inside
  • ways of thinking that you can use again and again as you respond to situations in life

We also teach self hypnosis to people who want to incorporate a deep and rapid relaxation technique in to their lives.

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