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The Synergy Alliance


...jointly working towards a common goal

Group Facilitation

Is there an issue that you want to attend to with your team and play your part? A perceptive facilitator runs the process, enabling you to focus on what’s important in your own contribution, rather than having numerous hats on!


Our facilitator will give you and your team:

  • A new energy when addressing the issue, where the outcomes are clear and there is an invitation for each person to contribute
  • Different, creative and pragmatic ways of exploring the issue that are likely to provide individual and group insight
  • Clear actions as a result of the exploration
  • A new sense of motivation to achieve the commitments made within the group
  • An opportunity to have fun at the same time as dealing with the real issues.


Creating development solutions and enabling their delivery

We can design carefully crafted development sessions when we have listened and researched what you are wanting to achieve within your organisation. Our experience shows us that no two organisations are the same and that success is achieved by ensuring the needs of the people who are going to be offered the development opportunity are at the forefront of any design in conjunction with stakeholder requirements.


We have enabled others to deliver the development interventions we’ve designed and in other situations have carried out the events on behalf of the organisation.



Delivering development solutions

There may also be times when you need support to deliver development opportunities that you have created.

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