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The Synergy Alliance

Team Coaching

...jointly working towards a common goal

Within the challenging context of many organisations, the senior team needs to get from good (or even, not so good) to great by engaging well with their stakeholder groups and collectively leading, to leverage ever demanding results.


Team coaching will give you:

  • A way of focusing on the real issues as a team whilst working on your collective performance and how you work together

  • Clarity in the outcomes that you each hold for the team and individually, to achieve your change agenda so that the same vision is held by each of you.

  • Feedback and observations from each other and us, on how you work together and how aligned you are to your agreed strategy

  • Group coaching to co-create how you are going to move from where you are now to where you need to get to, attending to what it will take to make the shift and take action. This is often supplemented by individual coaching to support these changes and hasten your progress as a team.

  • A legacy that will remain with each person in the group and collectively, long after the team coaching contract has concluded that is evident in how each leader role models and leads the wider team and engages with stakeholders.

Team coaching starts with defining your outcomes as the sponsor, meeting and engaging with each individual to establish what their views are and exploring the data together to map a way forward.

What we bring to team coaching is a deep understanding of group dynamics, observation, enquiry and change processes so that you can gain a deeper appreciation of your collective capacity and attend to the shifts in behaviour that will be the difference that made the difference.

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